Rilis Tune Up Utilities 2012 Final

TuneUp Utilities salah satu tools paling lengkap untuk mengoptimalkan kinerja komputer samapai-sampai user dibuat bingung apa kegunaan dan manfaat dari masing-masing tools tersebut dan saya pikir belum ada yang menghitung berapa jumlah tools yang ada pada TuneUp Utilities.

Dilihat dari menu TuneUp Utilities seduh mencakup semua tools untuk mengoptimalkan kinerja komputer tinggal bagaimana user bermain dengan tools tersebut, saya sendiri biasanya jarang menggunakan tools pada menu TuneUp Utilities  paling memilih jalan pintas dengan mengklik icon “TuneUp 1-Click Maintenance’ pada desktop komputer untuk mengoptimalkan komputer.

Saya sendiri tidak memakai TuneUp Utilities soalnya selain bingung tapi juga hasilnya tidak nyata terlihat  dari sebelum memakai TuneUp Utilities dan sesudah memakai TuneUp Utilities, bukannya meremehkan aplikasi ini tetapi itu berdasarkan pengalaman, mungkin  Sobat ada yang menggunakan dan mempunyai pengalam  memakai TuneUp Utilities silahkan kita saling share di sini.

Sedikit share buat Sobat Dio dan berdasarkan pengalaman sebaiknya menggunkan aplikasi untuk mengoptimalakan komputer pakai yang fungsinya satu biar terlihat nyata, biasanya saya menggunakan aplikasi basutan Uniblue seperti Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC dan Uniblue RegistryBooster.

TuneUp Utilities

Features of TuneUp Utilities 2012:

* TuneUp Program Deactivator
The world’s first fully automatic PC Energizer
– Optimizes PC and Windows® performance
– Reduces slowdowns caused by unnecessary programs
– Fully automatic [NEW!]

* TuneUp Economy Mode
Longer battery life and improved power efficiency
– Improves battery life on laptops, netbooks, and tablet PCs
– Reduces power consumption
– Increases your computer’s lifespan

* TuneUp Turbo Mode
Say goodbye to resource hogs
– Unlocks hidden performance for Windows®, applications, and games
– Turns off over 70 invisible resource hogs on your PC
– Enables significantly smoother work flow and gameplay

* TuneUp Live Optimization
Full power. Full usage.
– Turbocharge Windows® resource management
– Increase program responsiveness
– Accelerate program launch times

* TuneUp Startup Manager
Disable startup programs
– Starts Windows® faster than ever before
– Gets rid of annoying icons and balloon-tips in your taskbar
– Eliminates constant hard disk and CPU thrashing

* TuneUp Drive Defrag
Full Steam Ahead for Your Hard Disk
– Minimizes access times and maximises transfer rates of all hard disks
– Accelerates startup times
– Reorganizes scattered data for full performance

* One-Click Maintenance
Perfect Care. Fully Automated.
– Increases PC performance and reliability
– Saves time by performing dozens of steps simultaneously
– Works manually (One-Click Maintenance) or automatically in the background

* Gain disk space
Retrieve long lost disk space and performance in a snap
– Deletes junk data to regain precious disk space
– Frees up space for more programs, downloads, photos, and videos
– Restores tremendous power on PCs with a full hard disk

* TuneUp Uninstall Manager
Get rid of old, unnecessary programs!
– Shows which programs you haven’t used in ages
– Details applications hogging resources
– Increases PC speed with each uninstalled program

* TuneUp Registry Cleaner und Registry Defrag
– Clean up your registry
– Cleans your Windows® registry and solves problems with Windows® and third-party software
– Repairs structural defects
– Makes editing your registry a breeze

* TuneUp Disk Space Explorer
Tracking down those greedy memory hogs
– Detects massive hard disk hogs
– Allows you to see what type of data is taking up the most disk space
– Helps you create a new, optimized structure

* TuneUp Shortcut Cleaner
Remove broken shortcuts
– Cleans your desktop so you find your favorite programs and files quickly
– Deletes orphaned shortcuts and references
– Avoids error messages when launching programs

* TuneUp Undelete
Last Minute File Recovery
– Prevents disastrous data loss
– Restores previously deleted files
– Compatible with USB sticks and memory cards

* Clean Hard Disk
Regain disk space and ensure privacy
– Deletes traces and leftover files
– Increases privacy
– Prevents data theft

* TuneUp Shredder
Delete sensitive data once and for all
– Wipes sensitive files safely and completely
– Offers 3 thorough delete algorithms
– Protects a user’s privacy and sensitive data

* TuneUp System Information
Take a peek inside your PC
– Enables you to learn about your PC’s internal components
– Details all PC resources
– Helps locate memory, CPU, and network hogs easily

* Status & recommendations
Problems and neglected maintenance steps – all in one place!
– Instantly shows all bottlenecks and incorrect settings
– Unlocks your PC’s true potential
– Finds the most effective solution in seconds

* Optimization Status
Your very own optimization checklist!
– Easy and useful optimization checklist
– Shows all your optimization steps
– Detects unused tuning potential

* TuneUp Performance Optimizer
Effective recommendations for increased PC performance
– Shows all performance recommendations for your PC
– Details specific optimization steps
– Based on your personal profile

* TuneUp Repair Wizard
Instant fixes for your PC
– Fixes vulnerabilities, problems, and incorrect PC settings
– Solves most problems with just one click
– Improves overall security, stability, privacy, and performance

* TuneUp Disk Doctor
Check hard disk for errors
– Detects and fixes hard disk errors
– Locates and repairs files that are missing or damaged
– Prevents data loss

* TuneUp Styler
Give your PC a well-deserved facelift
– Improves the look and feel of Windows®
– Replaces the entire Windows® user interface
– Fun and fresh designs, logon screens, and boot logos available

* TuneUp System Control
Customize Windows® options and behaviors
– Choose from over 400 Windows® settings
– Improve usability both in Windows® and 3rd party applications
– Avoid annoying and risky edits to your Windows® registry

* TuneUp Utilities™ Start Center
Ultimate All-in-One Start Tool
– Instant access to all 5 optimisation tabs
– Shows all PC problems and performance alerts
– Easy toggling between TuneUp Economy Mode and Turbo Mode

* Overview of all functions
All our features in one Window
– Gives you 32 features in one window
– Provides instant access to all power features
– Ensures you don’t miss a single optimization step

* TuneUp Utilities™ 2012 Settings Center
The all-in-one panel
– Displays the most important tweaks and settings
– Puts you in charge
– Controls 12 optimization categories

* TuneUp Update Wizard
Check TuneUp Utilities™ 2012 for Updates
– Keeps TuneUp Utilities™ 2012 constantly up to date
– Updates help files and contents
– Makes our tuning features even more effective

* TuneUp Optimization Report
Your personal progress check
– Outlines a complete history of all fixes
– Helps you understand every optimization step performed
– Reports go back 7 days, 30 days, or when you first installed  TuneUp Utilities™ 2012

What’s New?
– TuneUp Economy Mode
– The Improved TuneUp Program Deactivator with Automatic Function
– The new TuneUp Utilities settings
– The New-Look Start Center
– The Improved Overview of All Functions

System Requirements
– Windows® XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista® or Windows ®7 (32-bit or 64-bit version)
– Min. 300 MHz processor
– 256 MB RAM
– Screen resolution at least 1024×600 pixels
– Online version: at least 150 MB of free disk space
– CD version: at least 400 MB of free disk space (and CD-ROM or DVD drive)
– Internet Explorer® 6 or higher

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